Texas Lawyer Features Jim and Lon Loveless for Father’s Day Q&A

Firm attorneys Jim and Lon Loveless share father and son perspectives on the practice and evolution of family law.

Q: What are the some of the things people should be aware of as they consider divorce?

Jim: People must know that every divorce or family law issue is unique to that situation. Just because one thing happened in someone else’s divorce doesn’t mean the same will happen in their case. Being an “uncontested” divorce does not mean there will be no contested issues or problems to resolve. The process can be lengthy and expensive. But the parties can do a lot to reduce the cost, reduce the length of time, reduce the emotional part of the process by being prepared and being reasonable.

Lon: I agree. With the Texas Family Code, not every divorce or custody case or prenup will be the same. I think parties should research which attorney will be most beneficial in resolving their case. They need to explore their goals and determine what strategy is best with their Board Certified Family Law attorney.

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