A Mom Journal With Fun Prompts To Capture Your Motherhood Journey

I am excited to announce that my fourth book is now available for pre-sale and with a publication date set for September 7, 2021. My Three-Year Mom Journal helps record special memories and reflections on motherhood. I love it because it isn’t just a new mom journal or a pregnancy journal, it is good for all moms with children of school age. It is not just a place to answer questions about your child, but also to record your experience of motherhood. It makes for a great journaling experience and a treasured keepsake you can pass onto your children when they have kids of their own someday.

It is the perfect gift for yourself or a mother with young children or even with kids in their teenage years. You can check it out and preorder a copy here on Amazon-> Preorders help with a book’s successful launch so I’d love your support!

The Perfect Journal For Moms

It’s always such a surreal experience to hold the first print copy in my hands and I’m so excited to show it to you all! The title is Three-Year Mom Journal: One Question a Day to Prompt Reflection and Record Memories.

The book provides guided journaling for moms over the course of three years. There is a prompt for each day of the year but you don’t have to fill it out daily. You can take a break when you like and binge journal later! The idea of doing it over the course of three years is because motherhood is such an ever changing journey as our children and grow and change and our circumstances change. The book gives the opportunity to record those changes and see motherhood for the beautiful, life-altering journey that it is. Simple questions that help you record precious moments.

Mom Journal Prompts

This is an example of the short answer journal prompts.

This mom journal is the perfect opportunity to chronicle the many joys and challenges of motherhood. From your child’s funniest quotes to your most sentimental feelings on how becoming a mother has changed you, this guided mom journal helps you record your experiences.

The journal prompts for moms consist of three types of questions. There are short questions, medium length questions and some prompts that encourage deeper reflection and longer answers. In this way, you get a mix of questions so you don’t have to commit a huge amount of time each day but can leave more detailed answers on occasion.

The mom journal prompts are divided into 5 topic areas in order to inspire you to explore a variety of subjects. There are prompts that invite you to look back on the past year, share your hopes for the future, and remember life’s silly moments. Categories are:

  • This Past Year
  • Looking Ahead
  • On Motherhood
  • All About Your Child(ren)
  • Just For Fun

You will enjoy recording details about your children that will later be significant remembrances of their lives. You’ll get the opportunity to give great attention to everything from mundane things that happen on a daily basis to an important moment that may otherwise get passed by. This prompt journal will help you record a favorite family vacation, new experiences, and even life lessons you want to teach your kids.


Writing about you own memories as they happen can help you record vivid details in a wonderful way. The journal entries on a variety of topics will help paint a picture of what motherhood is like for you and capture the important relationship you have with your children.

I can’t think of a more sentimental gift to give to a special mom in your life for Mother’s Day!

You can get your copy of Three-Year Mom Journal: One Question a Day to Prompt Reflection and Record Memories wherever books are sold. Here is a direct link to the book on amazon.

This mom journal is a great way to document your thoughts, feelings, and memories about being a parent, and see how your answers change over the years. Preserve both day-to-day events and monumental milestones in this journal for mothers. Do you enjoy journaling? Do you know a mother who would appreciate this as a gift?

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