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So often I have heard people say, too bad parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. While that is true, there are lots of great resources to help you wade through the sometimes murky waters of parenting. I have recently found one such positive parenting resource that really stands out, the sponsor of this post- Parent Chat Videos. If reading is not your thing or you just want to learn more, you will love these wonderful parenting videos that promote Mindful Parenting. The online parenting classes all feature Celeste Gonsalves. She is very personable and has a wonderful way of helping parents connect with children and improve relationships with her elevated parenting tips.

About Parent Chat Videos

Parent Chat Videos is a library of online parenting courses created by Celeste Gonsalves. She is a Hawaii native with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Resources. She also has a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Celeste Gonsalves created Parent Chat Videos as a way of sharing positive parenting classes. She is a mother and the author of Teen Wise, a book set that helps guide pre-teens and teenagers to make wise choices. She is an expert on ideas and solutions for mindful parenting that offer better experiences for adults, children and teens.

Parenting Mindset Shift

You may have stumbled across this humorous statement before, “If parenthood came with a GPS, it would mostly say ‘recalculating.’”

Well, that is the idea here. Parent Chat Videos will help you with recalculating by creating a mindset shift so you can employ parenting methods that will produce better results for you and your children. We are talking about making simple changes to achieve new elevated outcomes. 

Whether you want to call it respectful parenting, elevated parenting, mindful parenting, or positive parenting, you will love her online classes. All of her parenting concepts, approaches, and goals will help you connect and improve communication with your child for better results.

Parent Chat Videos contains 13 courses covering a variety of topics, along with practical tips in each video that you can implement immediately! Sign up for your free 10 day trial (no credit card needed) at

Mindful Online Parenting Classes

Parent Chat Videos currently offers 13 Parenting Courses with 39 video parenting classes and fresh content is added on a regular basis. From baby focused parenting courses to teen focused parenting classes, there are lots of resources for all stages of parenting. She can help you harness the power of positive parenting for children of all ages.

Celeste Gonsalves believes that we can all make small changes to modify our parenting. She helps you understand your child’s point of view so you can make decisions to better protecting the integrity of your relationships. She helps you understand where they are and how to reach them. Her proven techniques will help you avoid frustrations and reach your desired outcome.

The online parenting classes cover many different parenting topics. What I really love about these parenting videos is that Celeste Gonsalves is really great about having a clear actionable focus for each video. So she is not talking about esoteric ideas and principles of parenting. She is providing parenting solutions for real problems we all face as parents. She also shares her own real life examples so you can see how these mindful parenting approaches actually work as well as when and how to use them.

After just one short video, you will probably find yourself a more confident parent already. It is nice to have someone in your corner helping you build effective parenting skills.

Parenting Goals

I love how each Parent Chat video has a clear parenting goal. Each online parent class is designed so you can improve parenting situations and fix problems.

One of my favorite parent classes “Get Your Child or Teen to Talk.” These are both such prevalent problems that almost all parents encounter. Celeste she does such a fantastic job sharing a story and illustrating practical solutions.

Personal Experience

Both of my children are teens. I feel myself groping around for questions that will get them to talk. I want them to really open up and share stories and feelings, instead of one word answers. In “Get Your Child or Teen to Talk”, Celeste reminded me of my child’s point of view upon getting in the car after a long day at school. She also clearly understood my point of view as the parent. I appreciated that she knows our battery of questions is our attempt to connect. I also appreciated the reminder that the kiddos may be tired and feel overwhelmed by too many questions, too fast.

This weekend we did some fun crafting as the video suggested. She had pointed out in the video that if you can get your child engaged in a creative activity, they can relax and open up to listening and sharing more easily. She also suggested opening up and sharing a story to get the ball rolling. Naturally, my kids responded to my story sharing their opinions and questions on the situation. And pretty soon they were sharing their own stories. I found it be much easier to get them chatting about things that were going on at school and books that they were reading with this method. It is so nice to hear their opinions on things. I also know it is an important way to maintain positive relationship where information flows freely.

Parenting Goal- Connect With Kids While Crafting. My teenage daughter with her battery powered pipe cleaner glow rings!

A few more examples of online parenting classes I loved:

  • Teen’s First Love AND Heartbreak
  • B.O.U.N.C.E coping skill to deal with negative influences
  • Instant Happy Child
  • Managing Screen Time

Parenting Support Group

Another cool part about Parent Chat Videos besides the videos themselves is that there is a community. This means you have access to online chats for open discussions. You can ask your own parenting questions and get specific help. It is like having a parenting support group that will help you along.

You will also be able to join the fun of entering the weekly Video Scavenger Hunt contest. All prizes are created and/or designed by authentic Hawaii Entrepreneurs and are worth at least $200.00!

Sign Up Now For A Free Trial

Visit Parent Chat Videos and sign up for a FREE 10-Day Trial and get instant access (don’t worry, no credit card is required). 

Become a Parent Chat Vidoes member and use Coupon Code: FFB20  to get $20.00* off the PCV Monthly Membership Fee!

Whether you are a married couple or a single parent, we all have busy schedules. Each online course can be completed at your own pace. New parents and experienced parents alike will find this parent education for creating healthy relationships. You can be a peaceful parent and with happy kids and still use positive discipline in an effective way.

Surprise your children with this unconventional, mindful parenting approach that fosters mutual respect and reduces power struggles. It will help you with personal growth and improve family relationships. You’ll be amazed with the positive outcomes.

Would you like to be a better parent? Are you looking for home parenting solutions? I think this positive parenting system can help. I hope you enjoy the Parent Chat Videos online parenting classes as much as I do! Let me know some of your favorites!

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