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    Summer Schedule For Kids [Free Printable]

    The warm days of summer certainly encourage us to relax with family and friends and that should be what summer is all about! While you and the kids transition to a less structure filled days, it can still be helpful have a daily schedule so everyone knows what to expect. Whether you are keeping track of summer camps or just wanting to add some learning time into the week, a free summer schedule template can really help keep you get organized.  Plus, it is always fun to cross things off your to-do list! I hope you find this printable summer schedule for kids useful. I have also included a list of a few things you may want to add to your child’s summer schedule.

    Free Summer Schedule Template

    Summer Schedules- Just click on the image and then click on File from your menus and click print!

    This weekly summer schedule includes the days of the week so they can mark important blocks of time. It also includes a To-Do List section (a great place for chores) and a Project or Activity of The Week (great for older kids to set bigger goals). This weekly planner is one of the best ways to add a little structure to your own summer schedule. From quality time to educational activities to summer fun, this will help you fit it all in! I am a big believer in teaching kids how to schedule and manage their time.

    Plan Your Summer Routine

    It might be tempting to let your kids sleep in really late and float through the day without a schedule for the summer days.  We usually allow this for a week tops and then we switch to a daily routine and a kids summer schedule.  This helps keep them from getting too much screen time or getting bored. I also feel like it is a great way to schedule in summer learning activities.

    My kids and I sit down together to plan our daily routines. Depending on the age of your children, 11 and under you may want to take the lead, 12 and over you may want to let them take the planning lead.  It is a great way for them to learn to organize their time. You can print several of the kids summer schedule templates and fill them out each week or all at once in advance and make additions as things come up.

    You may want to schedule in things like summer camp, reading time, musical instrument practice, chores, nap time or quiet time, and bedtime routine. Believe it or not, your kids will appreciate the structure. Don’t forget to put in some down time for creative play and outdoor fun!

    Sample Summer Schedule

    Make Necessary Appointments

    The summer is a great time to schedule in any doctor or dentist appointments that you can get out of the way while the kids are out of school.  If you take your kids to the dentist during the summer, your dentist’s office should be able to block out time during the day to see all of your kids at once.

    Buying School Supplies

    Use this task to teach your kids about getting the best deals on what they need for the new school year. If you haven’t yet, get a hold of the school supply lists that you’ll need for this project. Throughout the summer, have your children track store ads (found in the Sunday paper) for these items, writing down the store and the best price they can find. To extend the lesson, give them a budget that they need to stay within for their school supplies, and then give them that specific amount of money. Take a family field trip to the stores they’ve written down that have the best prices, and have them buy their school supplies.

    Brush Up Those Reading Skills

    Summer reading is a great activity for kids to keep their reading skills sharp and to teach delayed gratification. Many businesses – like Barnes and Noble, Chuck E. Cheese, and Borders – support local reading with special calendars, resulting in free items and additional special offers once the calendars are completed and turned in.   Find  some summer reads for moms and top picks for kids books. It is a great idea to include 10-45 minutes of reading (based on their age) into your child’s daily summer schedule.

    Don’t Forget To Plan Fun Into The Summer Schedule

    Summer tasks are important, but so is fun time with your family and independent play time. Be sure to plan some fun summer activities for kids, putting corresponding outings onto specific dates of your long-term summer calendar. Make sure to schedule in some time for fun things like playing outside, swimming in the community pool, hitting a water park, or heading to the local children’s museum. Get their input on what they would add to their summer bucket list! Consider easy wins like ice cream nights and free time every Friday as a reward for creating and following a predictable routine.

    My son used the printable kids summer schedule template. My daughter had to out do me and hand make her own bullet journal style schedule. They do learn quickly!

    I hope this free summer schedule template helps you organize your summer break because it always flies by!   These summer schedule planning tips should help you make the most of your summer for both fun activities and getting things done!  This is really a great idea for helping your child learn to become organized as well.  Do you think you will give this printable summer schedule for kids a try? What do you think is the best thing about a daily summer routine for the whole family?

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    How To Have A Family Meeting [Template Included]

    A family meeting is a great way to keep your family bonded. You can discuss family rules, upcoming events, and share information that everyone needs to know. But unless you have a family meeting agenda, everyone will be off-topic and not paying attention, making it a big waste of time. That is why I have included a family meeting template here to help make sure it stays productive.

    Why Have a Family Meeting?
    Most importantly, it puts everyone on the same page and the whole family will know the same information. No one can say “I didn’t know” or “Nobody asked me”. No excuses! If there’s a new house rule, chores, vacation being planned, or an event everyone has to attend, the family meeting is the time to share. This way you can make sure everyone knows what’s going on and expected of them.
    Family meetings are also a great bonding tool for your family because everyone has the opportunity to connect and share. It reminds everyone that their family is there to support them and help them.
    Additionally, family meetings teach your kids important life skills. By being exposed to the challenges of parenting, kids can learn what the real world is like and how to deal with their problems in a productive way. Meeting as a family can teach communications skills, problem-solving, planning, conflict resolution, and even budgeting.
    Lastly, family meetings help your kids build their confidence as they learn to speak up for themselves. This regular scheduled meeting time gives your kids the opportunity to say what they think and express how they feel without judgement or punishment.

    How to Have A Family Meeting
    1. Set a regular day and time. This will help everyone know when they need to be present, no exceptions. They can mark it on their calendar for a regular time and day each week. 
    2. Keep it positive. Help your family stay focused on the positive. Ask your kids to share something good that happened over the week.
    3. Moderate, but don’t control. As discussion run off-course, you might need to reign your family in and keep them focuses, but don’t control the entire conversation. Let everyone participate with their own thoughts and ideas.
    4. Give everyone a chance to run the meeting. Taking a leadership role will help your kids build self esteem. Allow them to take turns calling the meeting to order and going through the family meeting agenda. I have provided a family meeting template below that you can print and use as your weekly agenda.
    5. Don’t make it all business. In addition to the important family stuff, having something fun in the agenda will keep your family engaged. Create a fun family tradition for the meetings or have a fun question everyone has to answer at the end.
    6. Post reminders. If you make new rules or discuss future plans, be sure to write them down and post them where everyone can see as a reminder of what was discussed.
    7. It’s okay to have a difference of opinion. Not everyone will agree, but finding a compromise can make everyone feel like they got something they wanted.
    Family Meeting Template Printable

    The image version of the family meeting template is above or you can use the pdf version.
    Hosting regular family meetings, making them fun, and encouraging your kids to participate, will help build their confidence while also creating a family bond.
    If you haven’t already planned your first family meeting, get out your calendar and get add it on there. It’s a great way to bring your whole family together!
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