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    Children’s Books About Healthy Eating

    Most parents struggle to get kids to eat healthy. Children can be reluctant to try new things and that includes trying new vegetables and fruits. However, helping your child to develop healthy eating habits is important to their growth and development. It can also have a lasting influence on their adult eating habits. That is why I am happy to bring you this sponsored feature that offers a solution from registered dietician nutritionist, Beth Dunlap. She wanted to make healthy eating choices easier from parents and kids of all ages from toddlers on up. She figured out that children’s books about healthy eating would be the perfect way to get kids on board with wanting to eat healthy so they can grow and get stronger. Not finding what she was looking for on the market, Beth Dunlap decided to write her own healthy eating books for kids which you can find on her Sunny Bites website. I think both you and your children will love her character “Boots the Bear” as he inspires preschoolers to want to try fruits and vegetables.

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    Her new children’s book about healthy eating was feature on Bloom and you can watch the short video clip above to learn more!

    Why Pressure Doesn’t Fix Picky Eaters

    As a dietician nutritionist, Beth Dunlap understood why eating healthy was important to building a healthy body. She also understood that a lot of parental pressure may increase picky eating and make a fussy eater worse. Approach is so important as you don’t want a child to develop negative feelings towards food. Pressure is not the answer. Getting children to buy into trying healthy foods is an important part of the process. Not only does this make feeding kids easier for the parent, it also allows children to think more about what they are putting in their body and begin to make healthy eating choices for themselves.

    How Healthy Eating Books For Kids Can Help

    As a mother, Beth Dunlap discovered how much easier it was to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies when they understood what positive effects these healthy foods have. She knew that children’s books about healthy eating would be the perfect way to help get kids motivated to eat well. Once kids connect with the book character, they learn about the positive effect each fruit and vegetable has on Boots The Bear. Naturally, they want to apply this new found knowledge to themselves so they too can run faster, grow strong teeth, and have good eyesight.

    Beth Dunlap has written a children’s book about eating healthy as well as A Parent’s Guide for raising a healthy eater. Enter for a chance to win a prize pack giveaway on the KidsSunnyBites Instagram page.

    “Hey, Boots the Bear, what do you eat?” [Children’s Book]

    Boots the Bear has a mystery to solve and he needs help from friends. As kids follows Boots on his adventures, they learn how certain foods help fuel the body. Through adorable drawn illustrations of animals your child can connect with Boots the Bear and be interested in learning about how nutrition helps him grow. Through pictures of real children, your child can see that other kids may in fact like strawberries, for instance. Boots the Bear and his friends share how over 25 fruits & veggies plus the 5 color groups help your body grow, run, and play.

    Boots the Bear is ready to answer your child’s question, “Why should I eat my fruits & veggies?” The book includes symbols for each food they encounter such as brain smart, helps build muscles, to healthy heart and more. Boots the Bear shows how each fruit and vegetable helps you grow, run, and play. The symbols help children to connect how these nutrient packed foods help fuel their growing bodies.

    7 Steps to Raising a Healthy Eater: A Parent’s Guide

    Beth knows that feeding young children can be very challenging! She also knows how busy parents can be. That is why she made this super easy to read Parent’s Guide. It is in a magazine style with clear visuals so you can glean a lot of helpful tips and information with a quick glance. Even if you only have time to spare a few minutes here and there, you will learn so much!

    Page 3 of 7 Steps to Raising a Healthy Eater: A Parent’s Guide

    She provides 7 Steps to empower parents with the knowledge they need to help decrease the stress of mealtime. earn what is the flavor window and what age children typically are in the flavor window. Use the “Instead of This, Try This” to learn how to handle real-life situations with your children. Her book makes the enjoyment of meals with toddlers and young kids possible!

    Page 29 of 7 Steps to Raising a Healthy Eater: A Parent’s Guide

    Limited Time Offer: Sign up for her FREE Parent’s Class August 2nd here!

    Healthy Eater Book Bundle

    Get the children’s book “Hey, Boots the Bear, what do you eat?” + Parent’s Guide + Boots the Bear Plush Animal

    I love this healthy eater bundle because it provides the Boots the Bear Plush Animal. I know the power of a stuffed animal with my own son is huge and it really makes the book come alive even more and stay at the front of the child’s mind. The Boots the Bear Plush Animal can even help model trying new foods. The child can role play the bear trying the food and this helps make it more comfortable for them to do so too.

    I recommend this healthy eater bundle 100%. I used this same method of getting kids to understand the health benefits of what they were eating and with my own kids and I can tell you have a two kids that love to try new things and are happy to eat fruits and veggies. I love how her bundle makes the mealtime easy and more enjoyable for for both kids and adults!

    You can learn more or place your order at

    Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthy foods? Do you believe in the power of books to help model good behaviors for young children? More

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