Introducing Stowe talks podcast series 4

Stowe talks podcast

Series 4 of Stowe talks podcast and videos series has begun. 

As ever, in each episode hosts Liza and Matt are joined by a special guest to explore a specific topic in detail.

Alongside our expert guests, in Stowe talks series 4 we explore:

  • Parenting alongside a narcissist
  • The dangers of DIY divorce
  • How to prepare for your financial settlement
  • Supporting teenagers through divorce
  • Prenups, postnups and petnups
  • The unique challenges of a relationship break down in the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Creating financial wellbeing following separation
  • Supporting male victims of domestic abuse
  • Building your family through surrogacy.

The latest episodes

Series 4 of Stowe talks begins with ‘Parenting alongside a narcissist’, a 2-part conversation with renowned narcissist expert Dr Supriya McKenna.

Building on our previous episodes, in part one Dr Supriya starts by explaining what narcissistic personality disorder is and how this manifests in their behaviour, especially during divorce and parenting.

We then continue the conversation in part two, looking at learning to manage the narcissist behaviour, how to best support your children, dealing with legal and financial abuse, the family court, and learning how to raise the threshold of what triggers you.

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