September Stowe talks webinars

Stowe talks is a range of support tools including podcasts, videos and webinars, designed to help people going through a relationship breakdown and all the multi-faceted challenges this brings.

Supporting children emotionally through divorce

Thursday 22nd September 17:30 – 18:30

Join Stowe talks webinar with family lawyer Sarah Barr Young and guest Sarah Weller a family relationship coach and parenting consultant as they discuss emotional support for children through divorce and separation including:

  • What are the fundamental concepts for children’s well being
  • How to talk to your child about divorce and create a positive vision
  • What are the main stressors for a children and how you can help them
  • Finding a successful co-parenting model even if you aren’t currently parenting on the same page
  • What to do when your ex-partner doesn’t show up to co-parent
  • Q&A opportunity to ask your questions.

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Supporting male survivors of domestic abuse

Thursday 20th October 17:30 – 18:30

Join our family lawyers Jake Mitchel and Sarah Barr Young and they welcome guest Tom Nash, Divorce & Business Coach, to explore the challenges of male domestic abuse, available support for male victims of domestic abuse, as well as:

  • The different types of domestic abuse
  • The challenges & issues for male survivors
  • The signs & red flags of male domestic abuse survivors
  • What can friends, family and colleagues do?
  • How to access the available support
  • Q&A opportunity to ask your questions.

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Understanding economic abuse and how to deal with it

Wednesday 30th November 17:30 – 18:30

Join us and special guest Rosie Lyon a prominent campaigner for better financial and banking support for survivors of domestic abuse as they discuss how to:

  • How economic abusers operate
  • How it can impact your financial future
  • Rosie’s personal experience of abuse and how she overcame the challenges
  • Guidance on how banks deal with economic abuse
  • Practical tips to navigate banking
  • Support available for survivors
  • Q&A opportunity to ask your questions.

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